With the release of a new "reel" Blizzard announces the arrival of the Necromancer for next week. You can find more details in the link below. It appears that we still have a week before we can purchase the DLC. I was kind of surprised that it only costs $15. I was expecting maybe double that and I probably would have been happy to pay it. New Challenge Rifts are being added as well.

I've been looking forward to this since it's initial announcement. Since I've played through the campaign twice with each class, once for each gender, I feel some hesitation on starting a new champaign. But, of course there are new cinematics and voices, so I plan to start a new campaign for my new Necromancer character next week.

Are you going to dive in head first as well?


Travis   Admin wrote on 06/21/2017 at 04:07am

Since their full expansion cost $40 at launch, they'd be seriously shooting themselves in the feet if they tried to charge more than $20 for this.

I'm stoked, I'd pay $5 of that just for the stash tabs at this point, but the gameplay looks great!

jdodson   Admin wrote on 06/21/2017 at 04:13am

Good thing it's only $15 then! Not sure i'll have time to play it right on the 27th but i'll pick it up sometime around then to play it.

It's a fun class, curious to see all the skills and armor sets at the higher levels.

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/21/2017 at 04:01pm

>Good thing it's only $15 then!

Yep! I was responding to Greg saying he expected double on it. Blizzard is pretty good about sweet-spot pricing.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 06/22/2017 at 03:58am


GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 06/23/2017 at 05:36am

"First Look: The Shrouded Moors and Beyond" https://youtu.be/MIRWZXi5YvI

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 06/27/2017 at 10:56pm

What gender Necromancer did you guys create and what did you name him or her? I chose a male and I came up with a funny name, NeckRomancer. LOL I'm playing through the campaign and when I finish I think I'll create a female and go through the campaign with her. I just don't know what to name her.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 06/28/2017 at 03:26am

> I just don't know what to name her.

"Fun With Corpses"

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/28/2017 at 05:35am

I was going to go with NeckRowManSir but it was too long. Considered NeckRomancer too but ended up with Saul based on a biblical story where Saul has a witch necromance someone for him.

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/28/2017 at 08:45pm

I think I agree with Kotaku. After about an hour with it last night, it's super fun. The corpse explosion chains are magical. Literally and figuratively, I suppose.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 06/28/2017 at 09:20pm

What level of difficulty are you guys playing on? I think I'm on Torment II or III. As for skills, I prefer to use Syphon Blood or others that heal me. I also prefer to use either the skeletons or Golem. I like the Army of Skeletons, but it takes a long time to recharge, which leaves me alone, which sucks. Reviving corpses is cool, but you have to have corpses first. They also don't last very long. Corpse Explosion is pretty good.

What are your prefer skills?

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 06/29/2017 at 12:42am

Ah, it just dawned on me! A great female Necromancer name would be Corpse Bride! Hopefully you get the movie reference. :)

Travis   Admin wrote on 06/29/2017 at 03:23am

Katie named her's Embeth after Embeth Davidtz, whose character was necromanced in Army of Darkness.

Started on Expert difficulty to ease back into it. I couldn't get into the siphon skills, I'm still using spikes, and throwing out wraiths and skeletons like candy.

And good god, the corpse explosions.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 06/29/2017 at 04:39am

Awesome <3 Katie!!! She should send me a Blizzard.net friend request. :)

I'm not sure what difficulty I started on, but I kept increasing it as I saw fit at the beginning as I usually do. I'm doing Torment III now and I'm surviving at least.

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 07/01/2017 at 01:23am

Behind the Scenes: https://youtu.be/kNnXPgJvcdQ

jdodson   Admin wrote on 07/01/2017 at 02:10am

Cool. Added to watch later!

GregoPeck   Super Member   Post Author wrote on 07/14/2017 at 05:12am

Paragon level about 220 and I just now (hours ago) finally had an opportunity to go to the Vault. It was my first and only time. Cool stuff.

Also, my local friends told me about Elective Mode, it's under Options. It lets you choose whatever ability you wish to put in whichever slot, even if two abilities are on the same page. So now, I'm using Revive instead of Devour. I've been running around with the Blood Golem, but now I've added skeletons to that, too (both are on the same skill page).

Travis   Admin wrote on 07/14/2017 at 01:11pm

Katie and I ran some rifts with a friend of mine who's been playing for like 3 weeks now, but he's gotten help to get boosted, so he's running T13. We basically stayed back while he destroyed everything. The paragon levels, gold, and loot were like candy.

I figure, we've put in our time. We played a ton before loot 2.0 and barely played since running Crusaders through Act V when it launched. And the game is designed for this to work, so it doesn't feel like cheating. But damn this guy playing for three weeks with such a higher paragon level, gold, loot, everything else than we had. The game has changed so much.

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