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Hey everyone, I'm Jake from Hypercane Studios, I'm the 3d artist for our small indie company. I
have finally wrapped up the major stuff I needed to get done before Rage Runner launches on OUYA.
Today I turn my attention to the community looking for any, and all feedback on our level editor. Over
the next week I will be gathering feedback from the community of 10 different forums on what types
of obstacles you would like in our level editor. After that week of gathering feedback ill take the top
obstacle ideas, and run a poll for everyone to vote on. Then I'll take the top polled obstacles and get
them ready for when the game goes live. Below are some basic things to keep in mind when giving us

1. We are looking for what you yourself would want at your finger tips when designing a level in our
editor.(keep in mind we have the basic stuff like square boxes, rectangles etc....)

2. We are looking for more animation obstacle ideas,(example, spikes closing and opening.)

3. If you have texture ideas for the obstacle you suggest, please leave that feedback also.

4. I plan on doing at least 5 new obstacles for this, but if they are simple enough possibly more.

5. Anything is possible!

Here's a example of a obstacle request I received last week ,they wanted a air duct type of obstacle
that people could fly into.


Link to video of how the level editor works below


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