This game is fun. I've played 144 hours of it! You start the game by answering questions about your background which influences how and where you start the game. You can do little quests for people so you get a little starting cash and start adding in the lowest rank soldiers from small towns (for free). Then you do some fighting and level up and level your hired band up to higher classes. You have skills to level up and equipment to upgrade. There's also hero type units that you can obtain and they gain levels just like you do and you get to control their equipment and skills.

Then there's politics kinda...there's different nations at war and you can help the rulers or do your own thing. You can eventually buy into towns or become a vassal or even try to name yourself king.

Oh and the combat is fun...more involved.

This game is hard to classify. It's RGP, Strategy, Open World, Action, Amazing (it's a real genre...).

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