I got my Torchlight copy among other Humble Indie Bundle games, and it was nothing more than a pleasant bonus - I recall being more excited about Dustforce. A couple of years ago I've pirated Torchlight, but ended up playing just a dozen levels before giving up. Perhaps at that time I just didn't care that much for ARPG's - Diablo II met a similar fate, although on one occasion I did make it to the start of Act III.

This time, thought, it was different. A couple of days ago I felt the urge to play something new, and ended up installing Torchlight. Played a quick session before going to sleep, but again, I wasn't too impressed - it felt dated and I still vaguely recalled the levels. The next morning I've found out that the game supported mods, and I honestly can't remember what happened next.

The only thing I'm sure of is that Torchlight then suddenly took 7 hours of my life and will keep doing that through the Christmas holidays, and then, when I'm all done, it'll make me get Torchlight II.

So this is why I'm constantly keeping my eye on the winter sales, this is why I'm here and this is why I want to win Torchlight II - because the original makes me do so.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 12/22/2012 at 09:13pm

Awesome, thanks for entering @JarofJam!

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