"Tiny.", is what she thought when she first entered the town of Torchlight. She was used to the hustle and bustle of the big city. "What kind of interest could such a place hold anyway?", she sighed internally, She tried to look casual as she made her way through town, her hand resting on the polished wooden grip of the gun at her side as her large cat, Jade, matched step perfectly at her side as she was trained to do. Her name was Liliana, and she was sent by the city to investigate the rumored dark goings on in this sleepy little hamlet. She was told to keep her identity under wraps to avoid suspicion, so here she was, in civilians clothes with a woefully underpowered weapon. It was not long before she ran across Syl, who told her of her mentor's disappearance deep in the local mine. The place was infested with all manner of beasts, but it was nothing that she and Jade could not handle, even with her underpowered equipment. Soon she discovered that there were many wondrous items in the mine, the likes of which she has never seen before. Guns that hurt the enemy yet made her feel better, magics that could raise the dead, pieces of cloth that protected her better than the finest armor made in the city were all strewn about the mine like so much garbage. Soon she had more than either she or her cat could carry, so she sent Jade off on a quick trip to town to sell the bits they could not use. It wasn't long after this that Liliana discovered that not only could she use the strange magics found in this place, but Jade could as well. Under Liliana's tutelage Jade learned to fling balls of ice at the enemies they encountered, at times freezing them which made them easy targets for Liliana's following hail of bullets. The deeper in the mine they traversed, the more drawn toward going deeper still Liliana felt. It was almost as if some force was pulling her. Over time she learned the source of power for all of her brilliant discoveries was an ore called Ember. "Ember", it's name rolled off her tongue like silk, yet something seemed bitter about it's taste. She wanted to find more of it, needed to find more of it to understand it's power. As Liliana and her faithful pet continued deeper and deeper they started to learn more about what happened to Syl's mentor, eventually coming to the realization that the Ember itself corrupted his very being. A shiver ran down her spine as she wondered for a brief moment if she, too, could be corrupted by it's influence, but she quickly pushed the thought out of her mind. "She was one of the elite city guards, how could some rock hold sway over her?", she thought as she made her way forward, "Now, where can I find more Ember? I need more...much more..."

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