Yesterday marks the season finale for the television aspect of Defiance, and with it, a chance to reflect on the beginnings of what has, for good or ill, proven to be an utterly unique gaming experience.

Over the past few months, we have seen characters jump from one screen to another, witnessing the redemption of a woman that wanting nothing more than to avenge the murder of her family,resorting to violence and disappointing the man she had come to call 'father'. We heard rumors of a plague early on, and did our part to find a cure and make a difference in the world beyond our playing area. It was obvious that there would have been a great deal missing from the story if I partook of one and not the other.

If you read my previous article on Defiance, I haven't changed much on my original stance on how the game plays. I've found myself playing less often, though that has less to with lack of content, as they have added new events regularly to keep things interesting, and more to do with the fact that Skyrim recently released their Legendary Edition. DLC is incoming, and promises a new playable race, a new weapon mechanic, and a bevy of new missions. It certainly seems enough to keep the fanbase busy and happy until season two airs.

Ultimately, I'm felt a bit wanting when it comes to their biggest promise. Defiance was touted as the next generation of cross-media entertainment. We were promised a dynamic experience that changed based on our actions. What we received was a game that fed us content based on a static television show. Now, I know full well that the logistical demands of a television show create a number of difficulties in providing the experience many gamers came to expect based on the promises made by Syfy's marketing campaign.

Don't get me wrong. I've put a few hundred hours into fighting hellbugs and the forces of Dark Matter along the remains of San Fransisco, and have loved everything but some connection issues early on. It's been worth every penny, and, fingers crossed, may just be part of the Steam Summer Sale happening any day now. Every MMO has some growing pains, and this one was no exception. I can say, with a reasonable level of certainty, that the inital stumbles are behind them, and the game has hit a pretty decent stride. Go ahead an pick this one up. You won't regret it.