Yesterday marks the season finale for the television aspect of Defiance, and with it, a chance to reflect on the beginnings of what has, for good or ill, proven to be an utterly unique gaming experience.

Over the past few months, we have seen characters jump from one screen to another, witnessing the redemption of a woman that wanting nothing more than to avenge the murder of her family,resorting to violence and disappointing the man she had come to call 'father'. We heard rumors of a plague early on, and did our part to find a cure and make a difference in the world beyond our playing area. It was obvious that there would have been a great deal missing from the story... Read All

To be fair, the new television show Defiance seems like exactly my cup of tea. Dystopian America? Check. Aliens? Check. Created by the guy responsible for Farscape? Hells yeah. Upon watching the Pilot, I kind of feel like someone jumped into my brain and made a show pieced together from everything I grew up on.

I had the pleasure of taking part in the Beta for the game version of Defiance. I walked away from it not overwhelmed, but sufficiently impressed. On PC, it seems to simply be another offering in the somewhat over-saturated MMO market, offering aliens and assault rifles in place of ogres and swords. Where it seems to shine, on the other hand, is in the fact... Read All