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Greetings fellow travellers.

My name is Shavrath, and I come from the north. Some of you might already thought about that, after seeing my bulky build and long beard. I came to this inn to tell you my story, how I discovered the mysteries in world of Torchlight.

It was a long time ago, when I came to the town of Torchlight. I was a young Destroyer back then, and I barely could hold a battle-axe in my hands. After talking with the natives I realised, that there is something bad going on. I got my first quests, and I headed for the old mine, forgotten by all that is holy.

When I arrived there, I was instantly attacked by ancient evil, lurking around, trying to stab me in my back. I was roaming through the mine, discovering the followers of some sort of a cult. I decided, that I will save the people of Torchlight, or die in that damned mine! I learned a lot of new tricks, and got some shiny weaponry, allowing me to go further, and further. Luckily, I had my fellow pet called Einherjer, that served as my companion, and aided me in carrying supplies.

At the end of the journey i encountered Odrak who was the leader of the hordes wrecking havoc in the mines under Torchlight. The battle was long, and hard, but I menaged to beat him. The people of Torchlight were free once again.

And now I am here, telling you about my story, while I prepare for another adventures... but this time, I am not going to go alone, as the evil grew even stronger since my last visit in Torchlight...

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