It's hard to forget the opening scene of the original Bioshock. The first time I played through the demo back when I still had my 360, I sat there awestruck at what lay before my eyes after emerging from the wreck of my plane. The flames dancing on the surface of the water strewn with metal and luggage in the utter darkness of the middle of the ocean at night was something straight out of ones worst nightmares. Little did I know then what was waiting for me just under the surface. Rapture, and the dystopian universe that 2k Boston (woot for my hometown!) created were straight out of a Ayn Randian steampunk fantasy. We were introduced to such iconic figures in gaming as the Big Daddy, Little Sister, and forced to fight out way through some of the most beautiful environments seen in gaming at the time. You can't talk about Bioshock without talking about Rapture. It literally saves your life, and then does everything in its power to kill you, all the while stunning you with it's design and art. It's no surprise it was the setting for the sequel. After seeing Rapture through a new pair of brass and glass covered eyes in Bioshock 2, we'll be heading to Columbia, a giant city suspended in the air by balloons. We'll also be travelling back roughly 50 years before the first two games, and playing again as an outsider finding his way in the city. Funny how you start off falling from the sky, only to find yourself ascending back up there in the end. I wonder if that was their plan all along.

In just a day, we'll start exploring Columbia. Well, I say we, but seeing as I'm broke and haven't preordered it, I mean everyone else will be. That's where this comes in. Thanks to the little Bioshock infinite contest running here at Cheerful Ghost, I might have a chance to win a copy of the game. I've got my fingers crossed. I know I'm new here and all, and I'd understand of course if they'd be more inclined to reward their users who have been here and contributing for a while, but I figured I'd throw my hat in and while I was at it, maybe see what else you guys have going on here. Thanks for the chance to maybe win, and happy hunting up there in the infinite air!

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/24/2013 at 11:34pm

Thanks for entering, you are in the contest but we are going to take the post off the main page!

Thanks again.

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