In the days of everything having issues with just about everything having some sort of DRM, the Devs of Witcher 3 (CD Projekt RED) have announced that they will not be going the DRM route with their up and coming title.

They have stated that, "We are trying to get rid of DRM. If someone wants to pirate a game, eventually he will.”

I don't really have a problem with DRM, since I purchase and play most of my PC titles through Steam. I do however, have a problem with DRM becomes a hindered by it and lessens my gaming experience. (Most notably, EA with requiring Origin, as my computer seems to hate it).

Full (very short) article can be found here:

jdodson   Admin wrote on 04/06/2013 at 04:58pm

Good news! Have you played any of the Witcher games? I need to complete 1 myself.

BR   Supporter wrote on 04/06/2013 at 05:20pm

Great that some developers still have some sense.

Sparklepop   Post Author wrote on 04/06/2013 at 07:23pm

I have not, jdodson! I've watched streams of it though.

The first one wouldn't play on my computer (I play on a Dell Laptop that's a few years old) and I would have to play the first one first!

jaelte wrote on 04/07/2013 at 07:51am

That's good to read. I enjoyed the first two games and would almost definitely be buying the third one with or without DRM, but the fact that it has none is a definite plus.

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