Bioshock. A game which has questioned one thing in us: Are video games can be a piece of art? Yes, they can be. Bioshock's mood is very unique. Mostly it's pretty scary and sad, giving the real feeling that everyone in Rapture is crazy, and the whole city is anarchic. The little dialogues between the splicers and the music of the 1960's are giving a very great retro feeling. And the story. Yes, the story, which makes the game the most interesting. A separated, much different world which has fallen by the real has a very educating society critic, symbolizing with the foundable audio tapes, and the caracters, and the technology of Rapture. The story makes big twists something, and it has the most OMFGWTF Moment of all time. (SPOILER INCOMING)Yes, I'm talking about the 'Would You Kindly?' thing.(END OF SPOILER). The gameplay is great. It has an untouchable feeling. Even Looting the munitions in the most common places is a good feeling in this game. Maybe it's because it's art-like feeling. The music is the main thing which makes this product so artful. Gary Schyman made a great work. The are only 2 problems with Bioshock: The vite-chamber are making it too easy, but the good thing is you can turn them off in the Game Options, making it a challenge. The second thing is, once you beat the game, you'll never feel exactly the same all over again because of the ending(I'm thinking about the mentioned spoiler here.). The Little Sisters are also giving you harsh moral chances, which are making the ending good or bad.
To sum up, Bioshock is not only the best video game it's been ever made yet, but the most educational, too. It tests that how bad we are, and how good YOU are. A great and unbreakable mirror of ourselves.

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/20/2013 at 10:25pm

Thanks for entering, I am going to take this off the front page but fear not, you are in the contest!

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