As an FPS game this is pretty good if a bit generic. The missions are mostly fetch-and-retrieve quests or "kill this X times" and the story line is barely there. However, with the addition of some RPG elements (classes, leveling, and loot) this game gets seriously addicting and this is one of the best co-op games out there in my opinion. You can play off-line 2-player split-screen and up to 4 player co-op on-line and this game really shines. I primarily play this with my wife and we're both having a blast. We're both level 51 and we've completed the main story line and two of the expansions (House of Ned and Claptrap Revolution) and are working our way through the other two expansions now.

It's worth noting that my wife is not your stereotypical gamer, and there's only a few video games she really enjoys playing as much as I do. :) The fact that she's hooked on this game lets you know it will appeal to a wide audience.

There's a few things the game could use some improvement on (such as the inventory screen not scaling well on split screen, or a little more variety in quotes/mobs/loot) but over all this is a great game. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially since I see the GOTY edition, which includes all the expansions, tends to go on sale fairly often so you should be able to pick it up pretty cheap. Convince a friend to pick up the game with you and go have fun killing stuff. :D