Let me just start by saying this game is visually stunning. The graphics really pop on my Sony Bravia™ 3D TV. I think we've now gotten to the point in gaming where the graphics improvements in future generations really won’t change the industry as much as they have in the past. I can’t imagine a higher polygon count making this game any prettier. Sometimes I just had to stop and look at the beauty in this game. This gave me a great opportunity to take a break for some Doritos™ and Pepsi™ while I sat back and enjoyed the beauty that the game could push through my Sony Bravia™ TV before jumping into the action.

The gameplay is solid. The shooting mechanics feel basically like the older Bioshock games, and using your vigors (this game’s version of plasmids) along with guns gives you a variety of ways to dole out the pain. And if you like doling out pain, you’ll love the new film, Kick-Ass 2, coming out August 16!


There are some times when the action dies down and character building takes over. At these points I like to head to the fridge for an ice cold Pepsi™, to put the PEP back in my game! Also, the puzzle minigames from the first two games were missing from Infinite, and nothing really came in to replace them. But if you’re in the mood for puzzle games, PopCap™ has everything you could ever want! Just head over to http://popcap.com/ and use promo code 4PR1L-F00L5 for 10% off any game in their store!

That’s all for now, I haven’t finished the game yet, but when I do I’ll finish this up in part 2, but thanks to the marketing department at 2K visiting to explain the rest of the game, and the bag of money they brought when they came to visit, I guarantee this will get a solid 10! Now to slam a few Monster™ energy drinks and finish the rest of this beautiful game all in one sitting!

Blue_Element wrote on 04/02/2013 at 01:19am


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