That's right, folks. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

I jest with my title, but seriously, this game looks awesome. A third-person shooter where you play as a plant or a zombie? I'm totally game.

Other tidbits from E3 today:

XBox One is launching for $500, a new 360 was released today that looks more like the XBox One (this can't lead to confusion, not at all), Microsoft is moving away from MS Points and will be using real money on the Marketplace, and really nothing else whatsoever that interested me.

EA has so far managed to steal the show for me. In addition to the adorably chaotic Garden Warfare, EA also announced that DICE is working on Mirrors Edge 2 and a new Star Wars: Battlefront game? I'm so on board.

Not much yet, but we got a peek at what the console looks like! Kinda reminds me of the launch PS2.

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