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The question mark in the title isn't a typo. Gridiron Thunder has successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign with just over $170,000. And only 183 backers. That makes the average donation around $935.00, the highest average ever, and raises some serious questions about the campaign.

This was done by a few early donations of over $10,000, and it could all be legit and on the up-and-up, but this does come in the wake of another Ouya Kickstarter campaign, Elementary, My Dear Holmes, getting canceled due to donations from suspicious accounts.

The kicktraq is interesting. Just look at all those massive spikes:

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I'm hoping there's nothing shady going on here, I'm not sure the Ouya's reputation could handle it.

UPDATED: The lead on Elementary, My Dear Holmes, has put out a statement about this whole situation. He himself reported his own project to Kickstarter due to the strange pledges he was receiving. He reported a lot of first-time contributors pledging a high dollar amount. The fact that he reported this himself says a lot for Victory Square Games, and I wish them good fortune with the game. He added that he has suspicions about what was going on, but didn't care to share them.