I just dusted off my Nintendo DS and made sure it still worked.

Retro Game Challenge (the western title for Game Center CX: Arino no Chōsenjō), was one of the best games I played for the Nintendo DS. There was a sequel, only released in Japan, that I've been longing for ever since.

The game series is based on the TV show Game Center CX, or Retro Game Master in Kotaku's translation. It's a charming show that is hard to find in the US, unless you know Japanese. Arino, the host, interviews people in the gaming world, and plays through classic games. You can check out the first episode here-- definitely not the best but the easiest to find with subtitles:

The games have you playing as a young Arino, playing fake Famicom games that draw inspiration from real games. You can collect game magazines to give you hints and cheats, read the manuals, etc. all to appease a Demon Arino... you know, the plot really doesn't make sense, or matter :)

Despite amazing reception in Japan, the sales were lacking in Western areas and the second game was never localized. Back in 2011, Destructoid reported on a fan translation in the works:

And today, the translation has been completed:

It's important to note that you'll have to use a DS emulator or have a cartridge that lets you play roms on your DS. The legality of those cartridges is iffy at best, so I won't go into the details but if you'Re looking 4 it, gOogle seaRches Can alwaYs show you Craptons of resuLts On how to Do thiS.