We recently finished up another Cheerful Ghost Terraria server, and here's the bounty.

First, we did the fifth server in a normal world.!HNYXiIgS!VIqHgXkBRw3GDIwMkOKJY3X27QYfWM8gXZX8ELNMxUQ

Then, we created a new world to try out Expert. Unfortunately I think we were getting burnt out on Terraria by then, so you can see that not much has been done in this world, but here it is if you'd like to play with it :D!fcZ2ySgS!vdtrodyiSw3Z5FFTSEJ_UvFHeVlOufYKQowmQ7uUExs

But wait, there's more! For a limited time (by which I mean, however long this website exists) you can catch up on all the worlds you've missed with the Cheerful Ghost Terraria Server Megapack! If you've missed out on previous worlds, here they are in one zip file. They have all been updated to 1.3 compatibility so there shouldn't be any issues there. It's amazing to see how far we've come.!3I5BFCAT!BO1skXbW0aQMXGTKddSwIQsPm-cY4y-D4ArlYYzwLjs

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E2c4cbdd34ed4b63bd34d20e4f5ce108cc7a42e5 full GregoPeck   Supporter wrote on 10/16/2015 at 03:48am

Thanks a lot!!! I really like having all the worlds. I really don't like building and I'm not very good at it, so it's awesome to have some buildings I can use. The arenas are extremely useful, too. It also helps to have these for when I want or need to go looting. Thanks again! Oh and I also appreciate that you've updated them all for 1.3 compatibility. This is something I end up doing on my own as I've kept most, if not all, of the worlds in a back up folder, which means I have to fix them, which is actually easy enough.

74c46166202d8f4ef1a74e511e278b05.png? cheerful ghost Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/16/2015 at 03:50am

They fixed that bug in one of the updates to 1.3 that was preventing older worlds from getting imported, but it might strike again in 1.4 so I figured it couldn't hurt to bring them all up to current.

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