E3 2016 is underway, and EA started things off yesterday in their own event called EA Play. There are some biggies here.

Titanfall 2: The sequel to Titanfall will be out October 28, and this time there's a single-player mode!

Fifa 17: The world's most popular sports game is getting some love. There's a storyline that you can progress on and off the football pitch. You play as Alex Hunter, a new English Premier League player trying to make a name for himself.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: This is what I was most interested in. Information was still a bit sparse. The Mako is back, and it at least appears to handle better. But what I got out of it the most: This game is gorgeous!

EA Originals: EA Originals is EA's indie publishing wing that gives all the profits back to the developers, and they're publishing a new game called Fe that looks charming.

Star Wars: So many new things in Star Wars gaming were announced. Next year there will either be a new Battlefront game OR major updates to the current one. The presentation was a bit vague. In 2018, Visceral and Respawn will have all new games, and we saw a bit of early footage from Visceral's. It looks beautiful!

Battlefield 1: I'm not really into war games, but Battlefield 1 is a gutsy move. World War I instead of WW2 or more modern battles. The game features online battles up to 64 players.

Watch the full press conference above, or if you prefer text, Gamespot has a good wrap-up:


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