In this Cheerful Ghostradamus episode we’re going to tap into our future telling abilities and make predictions about everything coming in 2019 in gaming! In addition to your hosts' humble predictions, we share some predictions from Will Ball and Greg Woodruff, two awesome users on Cheerful Ghost, as well as the folks from BrothersForgeGaming and Game Dev's Quest.

Bonus, if you start listening to this episode at 11:17:32 PM, the end credits theme will kick in right at midnight. Ring in the New Year with Cheerful Ghost Radio!


Game Dev’s Quest:

Auld Lang Syne:

BrothersForgeGaming wrote on 01/01/2019 at 06:01pm

This was the first podcast from you guys that I have had the privilege to listen to, and let me say, you guys nailed it! Such poise. I thoroughly enjoyed the upbeat and positive pace of the podcast. Information joyfully blended with entertainment, you guys really know your stuff. God of War was definitely the best AAA title I had played this year. I picked up No Man's Sky Day 1 and loved it. It wasn't long before the game continued to crash on me every time I warped, and I haven't gone back to it since, but your high hopes for the game has me rethinking playing it again. I have heard only bad things about Fallout 76, and think that would be great if it went free to play. As for the PS5 being fully backwards compatible, that would be a dream come true. PS3 is easily my favorite because I can play PS1 & PS2 & PS3 all on the same machine. Again I'd like to say that you guys did a fantastic job, and thank you so much for including us and allowing us to voice our opinions. And I really appreciate the shout out and linking of our channel. I'll look forward to your future posts, and hope that we can work together again :)

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 01/01/2019 at 09:45pm

Thanks for the kind words BFG! I hope you keep listening!

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