The Outer Worlds will be with us in just a few days, and we've gotten a final launch trailer to tempt us.

As if I needed tempting. A new Obsidian RPG? Yes, please. In space? Even better.

I don't think this trailer really sells what the game is about, but it may set the mood pretty well. There are some gameplay videos out there that give you more of a feel of the flow of the game, like this one from Kotaku:

But even if I hadn't known what kind of game this is already, the trailer would have grabbed me. While it's clear they're trying to borrow some of Gearbox's trailer tricks for this, the game seems to have a voice of its own.

My backlog of new games is growing so it'll probably be a while before I get to this one, but I'm looking forward to my time with it. If you aren't waiting like me, you can grab this one on October 25.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/19/2019 at 08:34pm

That really is a good trailer! If I'm correct, it's going to be an EGS exclusive for a while. Steam says it'll be available next year.

Travis   Admin   Post Author wrote on 10/19/2019 at 11:20pm

EGS and Microsoft’s Windows Store

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/20/2019 at 12:31am

So, I just read a bit of an article that says this game is coming to Steam one year after it releases on other platforms (EGS & Windows Store). This is starting to get annoying. A new game comes out and I have to wait a whole year after it actually releases before I can play it on Steam or buy it from another platform. Damn.

I also want to repeat that this is a really good trailer! I was really impressed by it. I can't say that about the Red Dead Redemption 2 PC trailer that just released. I guess part of it was that this trailer is so good and humorous. This game does remind me of Borderlands. I also kind of felt like "oh another shooter," but then I decided I had to keep in mind that this is probably Fallout: New Vegas (some what) in space.

AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/22/2019 at 07:49pm
AzureAzule   Super Member wrote on 10/25/2019 at 08:32pm

A Gameranx Before You Buy (Good) Review

I like how colorful the game looks. It seems as though it doesn't take 100 hours to finish the game, which I find kind of disappointing (I want good RPGs to be long). But, this seems to be a good game. I'm also really impressed that it's a single player game! I recently thought about that (single player games) as revolutionary (LOL), because too many games now are multiplayer or pretty much require multiple people to complete. I mostly play alone and don't want to play games with strangers. But, that's a gaming rant for another time, some where else, or just for myself. This will probably be the last review I share. I wasn't "sold" on the game at first, but since the release and seeing these reviews, I think it's something I want to check out.

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