Hello Pickaxe Lovers,

Cheerful Ghost is back with a new contest! This month we wanted to do you a solid by giving you the chance to play the amazing game of Terraria. We will be hosting a Cheerful Ghost Terraria server for the duration of the contest and giving you extra chances to win the game.

There are three chances to win. The first is a SteamGifts giveaway, head over to SteamGifts to enter:

In addition, we’re giving away two copies on CheerfulGhost, one on Feb 10th and another on Feb 17th. To enter to win on Cheerful Ghost all you need to do is add Terraria to your games list and write about what you would like to do in the game and why you think it would be awesome. For instance, what you would like to build, craft, mine or even... KILL! We'll pick our favorite idea each week.

All Terraria lovers are invited to join us on our server which we’ll be hosting for the next three weeks. Server details here:

Remember to have fun but be cool, Cheerful Ghost is a community of totally awesome people.

* Make sure “Terraria Contest” is somewhere in the body of your post. No worries, we will find it but this will help.
* We are giving away one copy of Terraria on Steam Gifts and 2 copies on Cheerful Ghost to the first and second winner. The first winner will be chosen on Feb 10 at 5PM EST and the second on Feb 17 at 5PM EST.
* All posts to Cheerful Ghost center around games in your list SO your post must be for "Terraria" to be counted for the contest. Comments do not count.
* This contest is only for people who do not have Terraria, not to add something to add to your inventory for trading. We will check the winner's Steam inventory to check that the winner doesn't already own the game before giving it out.

* We rule on the side of fun in the case any problems arise.

For historians, our old contests:

Sirdan1013 wrote on 02/06/2013 at 12:28am

I want to enter this Terraria Contest because I have played Terraria before because a friend let me play it while I was over at his house. It was a ton of fun, I fought the Eye of Cthulu then I beat the eater of worlds,wall of flesh and was trying to beat the twins! I would play all day long with my 2 friends Nick, and Nathan. Nick has a server so I would be able to play with them, together we would defeat the hardest of bosses, mine adamantite and mythril all day long. We would also kill mimics, those pesky impostors! And so I thought it was a ton of fun while watching people playing it and playing it for myself (even though it was only one time). It would be awesome to win this and finally join in on the adventure with overpowered sand!

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