After showing at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, it became apparent that some of the bosses (I'm looking at you, Dodongo) still had a couple bugs. I took the opportunity to wrap those tweaks up with the bugfixes that I've done since Steamlaunch into a new patch.

I haven't done a boatload of testing with this version, but how bad could it be? You can opt into the "stable" branch if you would like to roll back to 2.12 for whatever reason.

I would like to hear what people think! Probably the most visible change is the doubling of the dialogue + portrait boxes. It was a little jarring for me, but there were enough people that couldn't read the text that I decided it necessitated a change (and thanks to pixel art, it'd have to be 2X). Plus, although it was designed to be somewhat ignorable, people were missing some important information. If this is abhorrent to you, let me know and I may put in a "small dialogue" option.

Fly true, my friends.
- Wick

P.S. There is now an unlockable cameo ship from Hard Lander, which was made by my friend Nic Biondi who I've shown at a ton of conventions with.


# bigger dialogue box/text
# edge scrolling in starmap (ability key to re-center self)
# hard lander cameo!
# databank dropped by bosses, not given at start
# improved bulwark boss -- bigger, less damage, more knockback
# improved dodongo boss -- bombs do damage more consistently, it sits in the middle of a gravity well to make hitting him easier but more dangerous, minion summon tweaks
# option to force it to use OpenGL graphics.
# added ability to set arbitrary FPS in options file (semi-unsupported, I think it can do some strange things to gameplay)
# alt-enter switches to windowed

# beam turrets turn slower
# tweaked unlock costs and information
# allies aren't auto-repaired for the final battle
# pakiceph : bigger, front armour, no shield!
# "how do flamethrowers work in space?" description
# slightly buffed default zukhov
# "must have *rescued* at least one cryopod..." in stores
# shotgun+cloak too powerful, increase reload times, nerfed cloak slightly
# for multiple abilities in the statbox, show an X2 instead of multiple entries
# revolver bullets more of a trail
# moved store button to make it easier to notice
# realhuman doesn't suck up points anymore. it was too bad an effect
# press P at any time to print the current framerate to the log
# reduced collision damage for allies
# pilots start with 1000 points (so they can reset off the bat)
# option to offset joy axis
# bumped up starting points for sol to 350

# lias is too cool to hang out with you
# fixed bug with final boss death
# kickstarter shouldn't show up as an ability
# FIX ALLY MULTIPLE BUMP (esp. dovell)
# WHAT THE HECK IS THIS GRID EFFECT??? >>>> if you have it, just delete space_tile2.png from gfx/effectGraphics
# bubble drone orbits too far
# flushkeys on credit start
# on death in hardcore mode, delete the save
# nodes still target cloaked things
# petey shouldn't target buffered things
# cloak + death blossom stops most of the missiles from launching
# options menu is slow again... -> it was the constant joycount() call
# lias doesn't allow you to choose colors
# a little smarter graphical compatibility tweaks