I love playing board games. One game I am looking forward to is Descent 2nd edition. I signed up for the preview game event at Rainy Day Games and will pre-order the game the second I am able to. Recently Fantasy Flight released the PDF rulebook that you can check out to be up to speed on how to play the game before it drops. I put it on my iPhone for easy access and ill be reading it over the next week.

I have a pretty limited time set these days and can only really put time into so many new board games, this being one of them.

If you are interested in going to the preview event with me let me know.
Fantasy Flight is releasing more details on the new Descent: Journeys in the Dark second edition printing. Had to share some details with all yall because they were pretty interesting. As I wrote earlier about the new Descent, they are allowing the Overlord player a bit more to work with than it had previously. One such element is that the Overlord has some light deck building and classes available.

Fantasy Flight also removed the cork on one playable hero as well.

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I love board games. One game ive wanted to add to my collection has been Descent Journeys into the Dark. I really enjoy awesome table-top fantasy games. I am a huge fan of board game designer Kevin Wilson's Doom: The Board Game and heard Descent was worth checking out.

As I did some research on the game the consensus seemed to be that it was good but suffered from a few problems. Notably it was hard and the rules were too complicated. I can understand that as The Doom Board Game has very complicated rules as well its just such a great game I can get around that. That said, I took what people were saying to heart and didn't get Descent because of what people mentioned.

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