I'm impressed that Double Fine is continuing to remaster classic LucasArts games. Obviously it's a pretty good business choice as they keep doing it but as a fan of Day of the Tentacle & Full Throttle I get as much joy seeing these games ported to modern systems with as seeing the original Ghostbusters rescanned and mastered in 4K, which I got and is incredible. If you must pre-order it you can do that on GOG, which seems to get an exclusive pre-order window for these old LucasArts / DoubleFine remasters.

You might not have known but Jedi Master Mark Hamill voiced the villain Adrian Ripburger in Full Throttle which should be well more than you need to check this... Read All

Double Fine seems focused on remastering every classic LucasFilm Adventure game. I still have many of these on CD still and they play just fine in ScummVM but it's still good to get them ported to modern systems and with the proper graphical updates. Unlike some remastered & special editions I can think of *cough* Star *cough* Wars Double Fine includes the remastered version as well as the original 4x3 pixel version you can switch to. I'll be honest, in playing Day of the Tentacle remastered I can't tell which I prefer, the new vector style art or the pixel version. That said, I don't really need to figure it out because switching from one to the other is a... Read All