In my latest Lets Play I tackle the Kickstarter Beta for Chasm. I also dial it up a notch by doing some on-the-fly in game voice dialog for the NPC's*.

The Chasm demo isn't very long but paints a good picture of how well polished the game is and what we can expect when it ships.

* Please don't judge me because I am strange. Ok well, maybe a little.

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As I was perusing the Kickstarter games section I came across a new project called Chasm. Chasm is a retro 2D pixel-art RPG styled after Super Metroid and Diablo. Really though the idea was compelling because we all loved Super Metroid and the mashing that with Diablo sounds epic. And come to find out they also have a Windows, Mac and Linux demo for us to all try. I like this new movement with Kickstart projects to provide a playable demo.

The demo isn't very long but I played it start to finish on my Macbook and it is superb. So great, I plan on doing a Let's Play about it in the next few days. You __REALLY__ should try the demo and consider backing this project. They... Read All

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