Confederate Express

Released on April 10, 2018 by Maksym Pashanin

Developed by Maksym Pashanin

ONE OF A KIND. Single player MOBA-like action RPG featuring proprietary framework False2D.

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"Confederate Express is all about exploration, fighting enemies, and making your way towards the main goal: trying to survive while delivering a package. Packages vary by size, weight and fragility; which makes every delivery a unique experience, ranging from a quick 15-minute tasks, all the way to a challenging journey throughout various events and locations. The more difficult the delivery, the greater the rewards: mercenaries, gear, weapons and ultimately - greater challenges."

Confederate Express has already sailed past its Kickstarter goals but if you want to get early access to it, funding it at the $25 level will get you in. Nice to see the Indie game scene... Read All

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