Civilization: Beyond Earth

Released on October 24, 2014 by 2K Games

Developed by Firaxis Games

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is a new science-fiction-themed entry into the award-winning Civilization series. Set in the future, global events have destabilized the world leading to a collapse of modern society, a new world order and an uncertain future for humanity. As the human race struggles to recover, the re-developed nations focus their resources on deep space travel to chart a new beginning for mankind.

As part of an expedition sent to find a home beyond Earth, you will write the next chapter for humanity as you lead your people into a new frontier and create a new civilization in space. Explore and colonize an alien planet, research new technologies, amass mighty armies, build incredible Wonders and shape the face of your new world. As you embark on your journey you must make critical decisions. From your choice of sponsor and the make-up of your colony, to the ultimate path you choose for your civilization, every... [Read All]

I haven't been too interesting in playing a modern Civilization game in some time. I enjoyed playing many hours of the original Civilization on DOS and had a really fun time with Civilization: Revolution but haven't found a love for a modern PC version. I have Civilization V and all the DLC waiting, but I haven't taken the plunge to actually try it out yet. That said, I saw a video for the new incarnation of Civ, Civilization: Beyond Earth that looks really intriguing. Taking a tip from Alpha Centauri, Civilization: Beyond Earth extends the scope of the typical Civilization game up the tech tree to sci-fi and other planets. Something sounds really exciting about a... Read All