Star Citizen

by Cloud Imperium Games

Developed by Cloud Imperium Games

Battle in the stars and face-to-face as you seamlessly transition between dogfighting and ground combat. Serve aboard a massive Navy capital ship as your custom character interacts and builds relationships with a living, breathing crew.

Mark Hamill is one of the many actors that will appear in Star Citizen, the extremely well funded Kickstarter Space simulation game that has raised an estimated $99 million dollars with pre-launch crowdfunding. Apparently Star Citizen is bringing on some very talented actors such as Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson & John Rhys Davies to help tell the games story. Hamill is no slouch to lending his voice and acting abilities to gaming as my first memory of him outside Star Wars* was Adrian Ripburger in Full Throttle and went on to later star in Wing Commander and the voice of the Joker in the Batman comics as well as video games. In this interview with PC... Read All