LGR is one of those really unique YouTube channels that focuses on all kinds of retro tech and one of his latest videos hit me right in the feels. My Grandmother had an IBM PC XT 286 and it was one of the coolest computers I used as a kid because it was my first experience dialing up a BBS. On one visit to my Grandmothers she showed her new computer that could dial up the Library and that you could search through the book catalog and put something on hold. The whole process of dialing up the library was magical and I remember staying up late just searching the library for books like The Hobbit and The Big Friendly Giant. There wasn't much to do beyond looking for... Read All

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Cheerful Ghost Radio Episode 85: DOOM Knee-Deep in the Dead Review

I just got Doom Eternal recently, but I haven't...

Doom Is Now Running On The New Nintendo Game & Watch


Doom Is Now Running On The New Nintendo Game & Watch

Seems simple enough. 🤣

Check Out the Trailer for the Monster Hunter Movie

Release date: 12/30/20 (via Google search)