Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

by Microsoft

The legendary real-time strategy game that began it all 20 years ago returns, remastered, in the all new Age of Empires: Definitive Edition!

Age of Empires is a classic RTS that helped bring in a new wave of multiplayer gaming that later blew up with Age of Empires 2 and StarCraft. If you play the original Age of Empires now, besides not possibly not running at all on Windows 10, it suffers from low screen resolutions that make it practically unplayable on a modern monitor. That said, some modern port projects such as the "UPatch Age of Empires Rise of Rome Unofficial Patch" seem to fix many of those problems giving the original Age of Empires the same treatment as Age of Empires II HD on Steam. In fact, i've installed the UPatch and it's a solid community patch making giving my original Age of Empires... Read All