So, I was having a cool conversation with a sales associate at GameStop today, and it made me think more about this post that I'm creating. She mentioned that she was playing Final Fantasy XV: A Real Reborn. I asked if she played FFXI, to which she replied, "no." Therefore, I have a few questions for you, my fellow Cheerful Ghosts.

Have you played FFXV? If so, what are your thoughts about the game? Also, have you played FFXI? If so, what are your thoughts on that game and both games? I played XI, but not XV. I wasn't very successful with XI and I believe it's because I'm so used to being a solo gamer and apparently the game is primarily for parties, groups... Read All

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So I’ve been a bit absent from the Cheerful Ghost community for a little while, and it’s largely because I decided to pick up FFXI again. Now that I’m about two weeks into my return to the game I wanted to post some thoughts on how the game has changed since I quit in 2009.


Leveling in FFXI use to be a long process. After soloing yourself to about level 10, you needed a full group (six people) in a balanced party of 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 support, and 3 damage dealers and a good camp to farm higher level monsters (higher levels gave more XP). If you had a good party you could expect to gain a couple levels per night of solid leveling. Holy crap has that... Read All

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So my wife and I use to play FFXI from 2004 to around 2009. We've decided we are going to relive the glory days (so to speak) and pick FFXI back up at least until Summer is over and have some fun going through all the low level stuff on a new character. I know at least one other CheerfulGhoster out there had FFXI too, so I wanted to extend an invite to anyone who wants to join us on the Cerberus server. My character name is Taion and my wife is Ktara and we're currently based in the city of Bastok (but we have the means to bring you to us if you want to start somewhere else for any reason.)

If anyone has never played FFXI before but wants to join us, let me... Read All

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