Candy Box 2

by aniwey

Developed by aniwey

Candy Box 2 is the follow up to Candy Box which is a 2013 independent incremental browser video game. The game was developed by a then-19-year-old French student using the pseudonym "aniwey." . Candy Box 2 is an online text-based role-playing game and features ASCII art in lieu of traditional artwork and looks to improve on nearly every aspect of the original game.

Speedrunner frozenflygone snacks through this unique Candy Box 2 run in a sweet 20:51 time. I’d never considered a clicker game would make for an interesting speedrun but this run delivers. If you haven’t heard of Candy Box 2 and want to take your hand at the clicking action we have a version you can play right now on Cheerful Ghost too.

So watch the run and click the candy fun


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