The Wild at Heart

by Moonlight Kids

Developed by Moonlight Kids

The Wild at Heart is an action-adventure game based around childhood escapism. Take command of a loyal swarm of magical creatures to battle enemies, construct new pathways, gather resources, and discover the secrets of a forgotten world!

Our story begins with Wake, a 12-year old boy from Willowvale, a town wrapped in thick forests on a shelf of oceanside cliffs. Wake spends most of his days alone, holed up in his room busying himself tinkering with self-made inventions and getting lost in video games to escape the complications of his home life; a father never home and a mother very ill. When a strange creature leads him and his curious neighbor, Kirby, into the woods one night, they unwittingly introduce themselves to a world full of magical creatures, an eccentric order devoted to the protection of these creatures, and an ancient conflict at the tipping point of consuming all life. Together they must reinvigorate the order of the... [Read All]

Recently Cheerful Ghost went to an event put on by local PDX indie game developers Moonlight Kids showing off their upcoming game The Wild at Heart. Justin Baldwin was awesome enough to talk to us about the game and their upcoming show at Double Fine’s Day of the Devs convention!

Check out more about Moonlight Kids and The Wild at Heart here: