The MiSTer is an open-source project that emulates consoles and various other retro hardware via FPGA. FPGA means that it's pretty original hardware accurate emulation and it's similar to RetroPIE in that it's open source meaning anyone can create a hardware kit on your own to play or sell. I've heard really good things how well MiSTer runs and as such wanted to share this review by everyones favorite Jesus made entirely of Metal.

I've played a lot of Donkey Kong Country but I wouldn't consider myself a pro. When I was in my prime I could be the whole game start to finish without dying, which is quite difficult. To celebrate the game coming to Switch Online on July 15th Nintendo released a fun Classified Information video showcasing some Donkey Kong Country secrets. One features infinite lives you can get while Diddy Kong and also a trick to getting 101% which is just what all the Donkey Kong Country completionists out there needed.

The full list of games Nintendo is adding on July 15th is Donkey Kong Country, Natsume Championship Wrestling on SNES and The Immortal on NES.

As the holiday seasons is upon us we all get closer to the reality that some of us may open a SNES Classic on Presents Day! If you want a SNES Classic and need the mythical Gift Elf to bring you one for Presents Day I recently watched a recent DF Retro video that you need to watch. DF Retro takes a pretty long look back at Donkey Kong Country and interviews quite a few developers that worked for Rare during the games development. Watching this video helped me shovel more coal into the SNES Classic Presents Day hype train and I hope you like it too!

Somehow I got this tape in sent to me in the 90's and I loved it. It really got me excited about Donkey Kong Country and as such the hype was so real I bought it. After I played and beat the game about a zillion times I came back to watch the tape and it never really hit me the same way after playing the game. As time passed I ditched the tape, which in hindsight wasn't a great idea but my young self didn't really realize that kind of thing might be useful to keep around someday. Nor that i'd be collecting VHS tapes 20 years later.

The Donkey Kong country tape video embedded above is 17 minutes of 90's Nintendo at the height of it's power and majesty. The video is... Read All

Still finishing up watching a handful of SGDQ 2016 run and I wanted to share this extremely interesting Donkey Kong Country run. Eazinn shows off some really crazy ability as he continuously uses extended barrel rolls to make jumps I didn't know were possible. I also didn't know from playing it originally but there are quite a few level warps in Donkey Kong Country that allow you to skip entire level sections.

With the Cheerful Ghost Games Club playing Half-life 2, my recent play through of The Legend of Zelda and now Donkey Kong Country I have been having a good time just playing through the classics. It's been really fun but as i've been reliving these games and often times I noticed things I hadn't before. With Donkey Kong Country and my recently play through of it may have tainted my perspective on what I used to think was a perfectly constructed game. Don't get me wrong, the play control, music and tone of the game are still unmatched but the game has some pretty huge glaring issues I never noticed before.

The biggest problem the game suffers from is that it gets it's... Read All