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If you have a working knowledge of the Super Nintendo hardware and some of it's games you've heard of the FX chip. It's the chip featured in such games as Star Fox, Stunt Race FX and Super Mario World 2. What might not be obvious is that there were a bunch of other chips used in certain games to enable even more processing power than the Super Nintendo shipped with at launch. As stated in the video it's cool that games brought more hardware to bear to deliver the kinds of cutting edge graphics not possible otherwise. If you run a PC it's relatively easy to upgrade the hardware but on early game consoles the developers brought the upgrades directly to the game karts!

Star Fox Zero will do a flyby for all Wii U owners this April 22nd and a new trailer just hit that shows gameplay and the new look. Fox and friends can battle foes in the standard Arwing flight mode and can optionally things to the ground as a Mech or Tank. I like how Star Fox Zero's new look is influenced by the original SNES title and pulls design elements from Metroid and Zelda. One of the big boss-like battles shown at 0:18 looks like it could come straight from Twilight Princess.

"Something's up ahead. Looks different!"

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