What's a js13k game you ask? Well it's a javascript game that is less that 13kb big... This one clocks in at 13,278 bytes.

It's a fun shooter reminiscent of asteroids with powerups and multiple enemy types.

So... Go... Play... now... :)

and yes there are a bunch of other entries to the contest off this page

beansmyname   Supporter wrote on 10/03/2013 at 04:24am

That is impressive! In just under 13k, Radius Raid provides all of the following essential game elements:

  • 8-bit style sound effects

  • Parallax scrolling layers

  • Fluid keyboard and mouse controls

  • Enemies exhibit differing behaviors, not just follow the player

  • Stats keeping via LocalStorage in the browser

My only beef is that the difficulty doesn't ramp very quickly. 7 and a half minutes in, I was in very little real danger of losing. Still, 13k!

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