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A big update to Starbound just dropped 1.3 which adds a bunch of stuff around space exploration and building space stations http://playstarbound.com/spacefarer-update/

Now you can build your own space station! There is also space exploration and finding stations in space to trade with, explore and fight. To do all this that added customizable mechs that work in space and on planet...

Lots of new fun stuff to do and explore. I'm excited about playing around with this new update!

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Insomniac Games recently announced a new title they're releasing this summer "Song of the Deep". I really enjoy almost every Insomniac release (especially Ratchet and Clank) so I follow them closely and now I'm eagerly awaiting this "Metroidvania-style underwater adventure"

Announcement: http://www.insomniacgames.com/announcing-song-deep/

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GOG (http://www.gog.com/) is giving away Little Big Adventure for the next 24 hours in celebration of the site launching support for French. So grab your copy now... Just head over to the home page and there is a banner at the top that points to a banner in the middle of the page :)

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GOG is testing it's new multiplayer platform and to test it out is giving away copies of Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000. They are giving away keys in batches for a limited time, so hop on it and get to playing :)


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GOG's summer sale started today. http://www.gog.com/ Lots of flash deals, daily deals, and other deals. Thinking about picking up some fun older stuff, or lots of cool new stuff...

Looks like they are getting in just before the Steam sale. :)

What are you thinking about picking up?

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What's a js13k game you ask? Well it's a javascript game that is less that 13kb big... This one clocks in at 13,278 bytes.

It's a fun shooter reminiscent of asteroids with powerups and multiple enemy types.

So... Go... Play... now... :)


and yes there are a bunch of other entries to the contest off this page http://js13kgames.com/entries

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"This week, pay what you want for King’s Bounty: The Legend, King’s Bounty: Armored Princess, Men of War, and Men of War: Red Tide. If you pay more than the average, you’ll also receive King’s Bounty: Crossworlds and Men of War: Assault Squad - Game of the Year Edition!" https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly

I've always wanted to pick up and play the King's Bounty games, and now it's at a can't beat price. Here's the review I read years ago prompting me to keep this on my radar. In his words "It’s also gloriously ridiculous and constantly inventive." I mean you battle with your belt to upgrade it... http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2008/10/02/kings-bounty-my-zombie-wife-the-belt-odoom/

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This is now *officially* my favorite 404 page of all time.


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I love this kind of thing... It merges two of my favorite things programming (specifically algorithms) and gaming.


Using tetris pieces and rules to print out pixel images. The video gives you the feel for it, and the link goes into a ton of detail :)

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Another bundle site which I buy from every now and then... But this bundle is great! All Arcen games. So there's AI War: Fleet Command and 5 dlc packs for it, A Valley Without Wind 1 and 2, Shattered Haven and Tidalis.

Everything is on steam and desura (along with direct download) except for the latest AI War dlc which isn't on steam (I'm hoping it will be).


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Sony is emailing today that there will be a "big announcement" about the PS4 at their E3 presentation. You can live stream it...


There is also a teaser trailer showing an out of focus black box...

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Oh, this is one of those games where you spend way too much time playing. Yup, it's normal minefield. However, it's MMO, you are playing on a giant field with other people all at once. You get points for clearing blocks and placing flags (and much larger negative points for placing incorrect flags or clearing a mine).

It's entirely HTML5, so plays right in your browser.


It's compelling, has leaderboards, and is fun. I recommend giving it a try.

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Microsoft is now emailing teasers about "A New Generation" to be revealed May 21st 10am PDT streaming on xbox.com and Xbox Live #XboxReveal

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I just received the following email. Game Developer magazine is shutting down... That's the end of an era for me.


Dear Subscriber,

After over 19 years of disseminating the best strategies around the art, science and business of video games, our hearts are heavy to announce that, as of July 2013, Game Developer magazine will stop printing its print and digital editions, and transition to become a section on
Gamasutra.com. (We plan to gradually reprint many of the best magazine articles there, and hope to continue posting new columns from some of our regular writers.)

The final issue sent to print/digital subscribers will be the June/July 2013 issue. We plan to close the digital editions of the magazine shortly after that. But for those who enjoy reading the magazine in a digital format, previous issues of Game Developer will also be posted as .PDFs in a special section on GDC Vault, to open this summer.


Game Developer Magazine

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