A big update to Starbound just dropped 1.3 which adds a bunch of stuff around space exploration and building space stations http://playstarbound.com/spacefarer-update/

Now you can build your own space station! There is also space exploration and finding stations in space to trade with, explore and fight. To do all this that added customizable mechs that work in space and on planet...

Lots of new fun stuff to do and explore. I'm excited about playing around with this new update!

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74c46166202d8f4ef1a74e511e278b05.png?d=https%3a%2f%2fcheerfulghost.com%2fassets%2favatars%2fheadphone cheerful ghost Travis wrote on 06/08/2017 at 05:57pm
Wow, that's a huge update. I haven't really played this since way before 1.0. I need to get back in!
E2c4cbdd34ed4b63bd34d20e4f5ce108cc7a42e5 full GregoPeck wrote on 06/09/2017 at 01:37am
That looks pretty cool! I haven't played since finishing it after 1.0 came out.
D954c245b9b17eb70ef2a7f547d392a9d148df97 full jdodson wrote on 06/13/2017 at 04:44am
I picked it up for a few minutes recently.

Too many crafting tables like right away. There are a zillion crafting tables in Terraria but they don't toss you 10 or whatever right out of the gate, they sort of drop you in and you can ramp up quickly if you want but don't get overloaded with it right away. I don't mind progression hurdles but it's just too much too quickly. Then again, I bet for people really into the game it helps get into it quicker to start.
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