Bioshock 1 probably one of the best FPS ever grace current generation and I'm not trying to exaggerate the praise for this game. I remember playing this game in class with my friends watching, fortunately I wasn't get caught playing in the middle of a lesson. Honestly, I've beat the game on the pirated version and then bought the game 2 years later just because it's just THAT good (back then, I didn't even know about steam). Hell, I've even promoted this game to my friends, even bought one of my friend a copy of this game just for the sake of it.
One thing that I like from the first Bioshock is the moral system and the little sisters. The fight with big daddy is also amusing and keep me on the edge of my seat most of the time. And testing new plasmid was really fun. However, I wasn't really shocked by :"the twist" since somehow I can see that coming from halfway through the game.
I've also played Bioshock 2 and currently still looking to beat the game but somehow the sequel didn't manage to sucks me in like the predecessor did :/
Anyhow I'm currently waiting to play Bioshock Infinite but still didn't get the chance for order the game since my local game shop haven't add this game in their pre-order list (but they've added the x360 and ps3, while I'm playing using a PC)
So, I'm going to enter this "Bioshock Infinite Contest" with some hope and some story to write (which I already wrote above)
And no, I don't have any expectation for Bioshock Infinte since I'm not going to disappoint myself with my expectation. What the devs has shown so far already shaping up quite well.
Thanks for giving me the chance and good luck for everyone here

jdodson   Admin wrote on 03/08/2013 at 08:43pm

Thanks for the entry, removing it from the main page but you are still in the contest!

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