As I make my way across the expanse that is the great plains of the Internet, occasionally I find some interesting bits that peak my attention. Consider one such project in Minetest, an Open Source implementation of Minecraft in C++. Since Free Software is close to my heart, I decided to give this project a spin. Well that and its free so, you know, its not hard to try it out :D

The Minetest project has binaries available for Windows and Linux and I tried the Windows copy. After opening the game up I noticed right away that they kept the overall feel and tone of Minecraft. The graphics are nearly identical and the controls are very close. Minetest misses quite a lot of Minecraft's polish, but isn't too far away from the game proper. I think the most compelling part of Minetest is how far along it is and that you can nab the code and hack on it yourself. If you are interesting what it would take to recreate Minecraft in C++ you can obtain the source and find out!

I have heard Notch say that at some point he plans on making the source to Minecraft available but until that happens, this is the next best thing.