"Super excited to announce the release of CORPOREAL - a 4 song EP featured in the award-winning game, Sound Shapes by Queasy Games for PS3 and PS Vita. The EP consist of music taken from the CORPOREAL level which saw Jim Guthrie teaming up with superbrothers (for the first time since Sword & Sworcery) to create more video game magic (if I do say so myself!)."

I picked it up today and listened to this 4 song EP a few times. Overall its a good addition to your Jim Guthrie fan catalog and will mix in very well with your Video Game music library. If you don't have a video game music library, I recommend you also nab the Sword & Sworcery & Indie Game: The Movie score on Jim's band camp page as well.

Oh and Jim is releasing a solo album not at all related to video games. A few tracks are up for listening in his site here: