Back this on Kickstarter!
A Torment Kickstarter? Now Lord British is doing a Kickstarter? Pretty good day for RPG's indeed. If you loved Ultima, this looks to be the next installment in rad. A bit from the Kickstarter page:

"Richard Garriott, the award winning designer and creator of the Ultima franchise, makes his triumphant return to the genre that earned him a place in the Hall of Fame and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Shroud of the Avatar is the first installment of Richard’s new vision and represents the reinvention of the classic, fantasy role-playing which he pioneered. A fantasy role-playing game that will focus more on player choices and discovery than on level grinding."

They have some more in depth videos on certain things on the Kickstarter page itself. The Kickstarter aims at 1 million and they have already raised $860k so with 24 days to go they have a hefty lead.

What do you think of the Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter?