GameStorm is March 21st-24th at the Hilton in Vancouver Washington. I am going to be speaking on a few panels this year about some really cool topics. Ill also be frequenting the event over the weekend in between my panel time as well with my laptop hacking on Cheerful Ghost when I can.

If you are planning on attending GameStorm you should totally let me know so we can hang out. Plus this will be my first set of speaking engagements about Video Games since I launched the site.

The Panels I Will Be Part Of:

* What's On Kickstarter Right Now: Friday March 22nd @ 11am.
* Community Organizing: Friday March 22nd @ 3pm.
* How to Run a Crowdfunding Campaign: Saturday March 23rd @ 2pm.
* Long Distance Gaming: Saturday March 23rd @ 5pm.

Love to see you there!

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