Since this game recently went free to play I decided to install it and give it a shot because the price was right.

After a bit of downloading I installed the game and created an account. Process wasn't horrible and I was greeted with some options for creating an account.

I wanted to roll a Wizard or Mage so I clicked the EQ2 version of that. Couldn't play as that character for free so I clicked a less fun class to play. I honestly don't remember what I was bummed I couldn't roll a Wizard/Mage. I was then presented with a screen to pick some hair color and some other stuff I didn't care about. I clicked random as much as I could but it would have been better to just click "randomize the whole character" than clicking "random" 50 times.

I just wanted to quickly try the game to see what it was, so after a few clicks I was in the game. The game then asked me where I wanted to spawn. I had no idea. I clicked somewhere but that wasn't right I clicked something else. I spawned on a beach. I hit "W" thinking that would move my character forward and it did not. Confused. I hit a few keys and then a few other random bits and my character started running forward. I had no idea what I pressed and he wouldn't stop running. I ran past a few people attacking crabs and then realized I was sprinting straight to the water.

My character hit the water and I noticed I could read what the keys were mapped to in a menu setting. I realized hitting the quit button was more interesting than that.

Timogorgon   Member wrote on 02/27/2012 at 07:09pm

lol this is hilarious. I saw EQ2 was free to play also, but I've heard it's a pretty bad grind fest so I haven't felt the need to give it a try. Not when there's a ton of other F2P mmo's out there that look more interesting.

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 02/28/2012 at 01:03am

Totally. I downloaded Star Trek online and im playing through that. Much better than EQ2.

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