I have been pretty excited to try out Terraria on the PS3 and today I took it for a spin. Its a fairly small download and it was running in a few minutes. The demo has Tutorial mode available and as such, played that.

The tutorial is fairly interesting as it runs you thorough a few game basics from mining to crafting a few pieces of starter gear. I never realized how much stuff Terraria packs in to the PC version. The console version has to make sense of all that and as such, its a very dense system of menus to navigate through and is a bit overwhelming at first. That said, after a few minutes I was fairly acclimated to things and didn't have a problem crafting and equipping. The tutorial places you on a decent sized floating island and allows you the ability to do whatever you can within that space. You can't save your progress in the demo, but that is fairly par for the course.

Movement and attack is very fluid. You can switch between your items with L1 & R1. Its easy to bring up your inventory and switching between that and your crafting and equip screens is pretty simple.

The graphics looked very good on my HD TV. It was fun seeing Terraria in the living room and got a kick hearing the iconic music in my living room. Speaking of music, it seems they have remixed the in game music and some of the sound effects sound slightly different. All told its not bad, its just different and thought it was worth mentioning.

All told, if you have a console and haven't played Terraria yet, I recommend you give the demo a shot. Its a very good port of the game and if you do the majority of your gaming on your couch you should check this up!

Blue_Element wrote on 04/03/2013 at 03:58am

I bought the PS3 version the day it came out, and I think it's amazing how well they ported the controls. Some of the simple things like being able to aim with both sticks, press L3 to jump, and change from manual aim mode to automatic, help tremendously with combat and building so that you can do the same things as a keyboard and mouse can do. And you forgot to mention there's all the new bosses and content!

Azurephile   Super Member wrote on 01/25/2014 at 05:06am

For those of you who've played a console version of the Terraria, what are your thoughts on it now? How long did you play it? I've played the demo on the PS3, but love the PC edition that I was gifted. I'm not sure if I'll buy the PS3 version or not, but I'm interesting in seeing what your thoughts are on the console version of Terraria.

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