I have a desire to own a well made gameboy styled handheld that I can do with what I wish. After searching for a bit about what was available the recently Kickstarted GCW Zero caught my attention. As such I asked them if they would answer a few of my questions about it and the retro community that surrounds its potential awesomeness.

jdodson: For you, what is the coolest thing the GCW Zero does?

GCW Zero: It allows people to do things for free gaming wise they would normally have to pay more then they can Afford and if a cost is involved it is so low it won't hit you in the bank where it hurts most.

jdodson: I find that touch games just don’t draw me in when compared to something like Tetris or Link’s Awakening with thumb controls. I am not saying some stand out games don’t break the mold here, Sword & Sworcery being one such example. For you, do you think the analog controls offer a better experience over what a touch interface can provide?

GCW Zero: Yes that was one of the reasonings behind not putting a touch screen on the device beyond just wanting to stay more retro.

jdodson: How does the GCW Zero set itself apart from the PSP, Canoo, DS or Pandora?

GCW Zero: It's cheaper or very comparable in price and it is open source so the sky is the limit on what you can do with it or use it for.

jdodson: How is the March 26th deadline for shipping to your Kickstarter backers going? With that, I wasn’t a Kickstarter backer, when can I order one to partake in the GCW love?

GCW Zero: We plan to have them out before May 2013 for the Kickstarter orders and Mid May for retail release.

jdodson: Will the GCW Zero come with any sort of App Store or ability or the community have a place to discover and buy new games?

GCW Zero: We are working on the app store and numerous licensings deals we already have made some C-64, Amiga, and Apogee/3D Realms.

jdodson: What have some of the challenges working with hardware manufacturers been? Anything crop up you didn’t expect?

GCW Zero: This whole experience over all is great I've learned delays happen and all you can do is roll with the punches get backup and make it work and make it right.

jdodson: What game have you played on the GCW Zero that showcases the best of what the GCW offers?

GCW Zero: Duke3D, Rise Of The Triad, and the device has even more potential once we have OpenGL.

jdodson: What Super Nintendo Emulator does the GCW Zero ship with? For you, how are the games running?

GCW Zero: It does not ship with any emulators some like DosBox can be downloaded free after you get it and C-64 and Amiga will be sold on the app store. That is not to say that numerous 3rd Party developers have not developed great emulators and they will be available on third party repo's.

jdodson: Even with the advancement of video game technology seen in such huge titles as Skyrim and more recently with Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, retro games are still very popular. It seems many Indie Games are trying to ride this wave of awesome too. I wonder what your thoughts are on this aspect of gaming?

GCW Zero: We very much embrace the Indie scene that is where all the new innovate games with new ideas and strategies are coming from. Big studios are just cranking out repeats of old IP one after the other with a small new twist. We have a great Indie game coming to the GCW Zero from Ackk Studios called Two Brothers.

jdodson: For you, who would win in the following matchups?

Han Solo VS Indiana Jones?

GCW Zero: Han Solo

Michael Jackson VS Prince?

GCW Zero: Prince

Gameboy Prime VS GCW Zero?

GCW Zero: GCW Zero

iPhone Hipster VS Android Hipster?

GCW Zero: Android

Ocarina of Time VS Link to the Past?

GCW Zero: Link to The Past

Sonic VS Luigi?

GCW Zero: Sonic

Coffee VS Tea?

GCW Zero: Tea

Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace VS Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cystal Skull?

GCW Zero: Star Wars

I want to thank the GCW team for taking the time to talk with me today and I am very excited about its release next month!