Every time I watch a new Hearthstone video I get more excited about playing it. I will dump all my thoughts to the video as I watch it so prepare yourself...

  • Right away the player is dealt a pretty poor hand and is allowed to redraw cards with no penalty. This is noteworthy because games like Magic: The Gathering penalize you for a Mulligan. Or so the official rules say, when I play with my friends we don't observe that rule. :D

  • The player gets a "Leroy Jenkins" card. Hat tip to the designers, this kind of thing is awesome to see.

  • One nice UI bit of polish I like, when the opponent card is played you can see it with all of its abilities.

  • There are a ton of sick cards played, for instance one was just played where if you summon a creature you take one damage. Blizzard really has designed a game that is pretty strategic. My only question is how hard will it be to get these epic cards?

  • The Leroy Jenkins card has a "Charge: Battlecry" ability but the downside is that it summons two minion Whelps for your opponent. Funny, but if you needed to jet something out there and do some damage quickly you could deal a killing blow to your opponent right away. Given the right situation that card could be very good.

  • Leroy Jenkins card was just played, summoned two whelps that got bigger because of an opponent effect. That said, Jenkins had no summoning sickness and smashed the opponent for 6 damage. I don't think I would have played the card that early but the player didn't have much on the board at the the time.

  • Cairne Bloodhoof is a sweet card summoned by the opponent that on death summons his successor. Awesome mechanic and when the player played a boardwipe, the opponent summoned Cairne's successor. Awesome card.

Really looking forward to playing Hearthstone when it drops!