Zac Gorman, the one man wrecking-crew behind the awesome Magical Game Time series released a new web comic "Escape from Burger Town." Very cool and worth checking out. I really enjoy Gorman's style, even if I don't always know what he is trying to say with a given strip. Art need not be accessible to be compelling.

jaelte wrote on 04/28/2013 at 07:11pm

Great, just what I needed. Two new things to add to my RSS feed. :)

jdodson   Admin   Post Author wrote on 04/29/2013 at 01:39am

My feeds have changed over the years. I remove ones where I skip the majority of content and keep adding new ones I find interesting.

For a while it was rough looking at so many unfunny cat pictures then I realized, "hey I can remove that stuff!" Never looked back.

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