Last night I recorded a batch of 3 Let's Play videos and decided to post Mr. Rescue first. Mr. Rescue is a interesting new indie game where you take the role of a Firefighter rescuing people from a burning building. Mr. Rescue is totally free and works on Mac, Windows and Linux. Supporting USB controllers, Mr. Rescue's play control and style are pretty tight. You have to issue some care jumping out the edge of the building but I didn't have any control issues outside of that.

It took me a few play throughs to understand you needed to toss people out the doors to rescue them. Its totally satisfying throwing people through a door and seeing the door break to get someone out of the building. There are three levels and as such, the game never feels to easy. In fact, I would say the game is "just right" in terms of difficulty.

The retro score is very good as well, it wasn't totally obvious from the sound quality of the Let's Play, but it has a very beat drive "Mega Man" esque soundtrack that really brought me into the game.

As seen in my Let's Play above, I didn't progress too far but it seems that if you rescue each person in a building you do complete it. If you are looking for a new game to play and want something simple and fun, you need to download Mr. Rescue.