I really like what Valve keeps doing with its games. Take for instance the new Team Fortress 2 update Robotic Boogaloo. After June 3rd when you play Team Fortress 2 you will get random crate drops. You can buy a key for $2.50 that will unlock it and reward you with various content created by the Robotic Boogaloo community artists. The revenue will be split amongst the artists and, I imagine Valve.

Its totally cool to see companies invent new ways to put money in artists hands and I applaud Valve for coming up with another way to do it. Checkout the Robotic Boogaloo site below and the "production drone" credits for whom participated in making it.


Team Fortress 2 is available for free on Steam and runs on Linux, Mac and PC.

There is also a comic released as part of the update called "Death of a Salesbot" and is available to read in your browser and also downloadable as a PDF or CBR.